How to Book

1. Please Read all information listed on this page first and foremost and the Exhibitor FAQ.
2. Complete the Online Booking Form.
3. We will then invoice you and give you details on how to pay. We can offer BACS, paypal, cheque and cash as payment methods. 
4. If you have any questions or problems, please mail us at:

Pricing Information

All our events and table prices for 2019 can be viewed in our Exhibitor Prices Document.

We have Standard Exhibitor or Artist Tables available. Both types of table are approx 6ft by 2ft in size. Exhibitor tables can get power on request, and pay for backing tables (extra space) – Artists Tables can not. 

Sponsorship Information

– We offer 1 page adverts in our conplanners which are handed out to all attendees for £250, or £150 for a half-page advert. 
– Higher sponsorship packages, which include social-media posts from our Facebook account which has several thousand likes, logos on our materials and websites, flyering permissions, posters, banners, media/guest access, and/or stage mentions and presents are also available. Pricing for these will be provided upon request. 

To enquire about becoming a sponsor, please email With 11 events a year, we offer discount opportunities for companies which choose to sponsor multiple events.

Footfall, Customer-Base and Spacing

– Age-range tends to fall within the 18 to 25 bracket, university student. 
– Gender is approximately 40% female, 60% male. 
– Interests typically are anime fans, video gaming, cosplay and general geek culture such as sci-fi, fantasy, comics and movies. 

Opening Hours/Setup

– Setup 9AM onward both days 
– Closing 8PM Saturday and 6PM Sunday


We are always happy to discuss sponsorship with any company attending. If your company is interested in providing prize support for a specific event or activity, then please do contact us and we.ll discuss. We are also looking for help with posters . so if you have any posters that you wish us to put up to promote your products, just bring them along and hand them to us.

Further Information

A full exhibitors information pack will be sent 2-3 weeks prior to the event with contact numbers, loading information and anything else related to on the day activities not covered here.