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Nothin' Personal

Nothin' Personal


It is Nothin’ Personal. Though the melodic vocals and emotional lyrics are deeply routed in Daniel Cohen’s personal experiences and observations, no names are ever mentioned. As he will tell you “It’s not the people who live in the memory for me, it’s the way those people make you feel. I process those feelings pretty slowly and I do it by writing songs. If you feel it’s about you then it probably is on some level!” The Banstead, Surrey based band pair these lyrics with ripping guitar solos and hooks provided by Ben Butterfield who was the final piece of the group when he joined late in 2018.




Tasha is now in her 5th year of cosplaying. She mainly cosplays from pokemon and my hero academia and is passionate to pass on the skills she's learnt in the last 5 years to new cosplayers and make lots of new friends along the way.

Social Media:
Instagram - @_tasha.mia_




Mikachu is a British artist and streamer based in London, UK. She has a passion for dancing and creating music in different languages, including Japanese, Korean and English.




Grab your pink penlight and get ready to fall in love with Scotland’s meowgical idol! With a selection of upbeat J-pop covers and adorable original songs, Koneko is here to sing and dance her way into your heart.

Social Media: @meowgicalkoneko

Suzie Geeforce

Suzie Geeforce


Hey everyone! I'm an electronic music and spoken word artist influenced by Videogame OSTs, especially Sega and Nintendo games! My latest singles include Cute Machines and Toxi-city. I'm also a streamer and occasional speedrunner on Twitch - check me out on!




MION is a Japanese singer-songwriter currently based in the UK. When she was 16, she won the national YAMAHA Music Revolution competition in Japan which helped launch her professional music career.

Since then, she has been active for over 10 years performing solo live concerts nationally across Japan as well as performing live in South Korea and Canada. Her hit single SUMMER MAGIC topped the Oricon Music Charts in 2016 and her more recent singles Alive and S.O.S -Soul of Steven- have placed in the top 5. MION has also performed at music festivals supporting popular anime music stars like Eir Aoi (Sword Art Online, Kill la Kill), Silent Siren (Anohana) and Nami Tamaki (Gundam Seed, D. Gray-man) to name just a few.

For her live performance at Brighton Anime and Gaming Convention, she will be performing a mixture of her own original songs as well as covering some famous anime songs. MION arrived in the UK on a two-year visa in March 2020, but due to the pandemic, this will be one of her first performances in the country. あなたに会えることを楽しみにしています! :)

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